Join in our monthly

Meditation Mastermind

Join me for 30 min on zoom to experience a group energy healing session

During this 30 min free mastermind you will:

-Connect with other women interested in energy work

-Participate in a lead discussion on a particular meditation topic

-Share experiences and be inspired.

-Have a safe space to ask questions, learn, and grow

The next session:

May 2024

Saturday, May 18th at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm UK

Topic: Follow Your Bliss: It's never too late to do work you love.

We will focus on the throat energy center and call on Archangel Gabrielle.

Location: Zoom

Participate in a short group energy healing session lead by K. Margaret

K. Margaret uses her unique blend of breath work, visualization, sound, and intuitive messages from the angels, spirit teams, and loved ones.

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