K. Margaret Solorio Delicious EASE

K. Margaret Solorio

Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Certified Angel Reiki Master


I believe Everything is Energy. You are energy, and energy vibrates.

When you learn to raise your vibration, you can more easily hear your intuition, gain clarity on your next right step, and experience Delicious EASE as everything flows in your favor.

I help you energetically let go of what is not serving you, opening space for you to connect with your intuition, inner peace, and manifestation powers

through group and individual energy healing sessions, and our community membership area Manifest MORE.

FREE Meditation Mastermind

Join me monthly for a guided group meditation and short discussion.

-Connect with other women interested in energy work

-Participate in a lead discussion and/or meditation on a particular topic

-Share experiences and be inspired.

K. Margaret Solorio Delicious EASE

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Client Testimonials

Feel Better and Relaxed

Thanks so much for a beautiful session.

I was super wrung out going into it

and am feeling so much better and relaxed.

And the validation about seeing more clearly and using my gifts was just what I needed.

-Stacie M.

Huge Weight Lifted

Thank you for the amazing session yesterday.

To be honest, I was feeling pretty stressed and exhausted after a crazy week, but after our call,

I felt like a brand new person!

I felt so calm and peaceful

like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you for everything, you're the best!

-Nina M.

So Good

I had a session with K. Margaret yesterday

and it was so good!

-Kimberlyn O.

I manifested that!

This magical space includes

trainings, live sessions, and downloads

to empower you to tap into your spirit support

so you can manifest more of what you want +

become the confident creator of your life.

The Book

(Coming Soon!)

How to create EASE through mindset, energy, and time strategies.

This is one of my dreams coming true. I'm currently in the publishing phase and can't wait to share this with you!


Join me for our Monthly Meditation Mastermind

This FREE meet up happens monthly for 30 min on zoom. We talk about our meditation practices, experiences, and a monthly topic. Click to join the next session!

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