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Energy Healer

Spiritual Teacher

Certified Angel Reiki Master

Energy Healing Sessions

  • Sessions are 50 minutes

  • Session happen online via zoom.

  • Please have a comfortable, quiet place where you can lay down (or sit if that is more

    comfortable) during the session.

  • Headphones can be helpful, as we will be in continuous communication to allow messages from your angels to flow through.

Individual Energy Healing Session

A session with K. Margaret is a magical, transformational healing experience

led by your angels, loved ones, and spirit guides.

She will help you raise your vibration.

When you raise your vibration, you learn to live in your bliss here on Earth.


If your days feel like they are on repeat,

then it is time to get the energy flowing!

K. Margaret is a channel for your angels and loved ones

to help you connect to purpose, find clarity and support.


Reminder: Angels and Spirit Teams only bring through

loving, positive energies.

Monthly Group Energy Healing Sessions

  • Join K. Margaret for a journey into the realm of inner peace, clarity, and intuitive connection.

    Connect to your inner spark and magic!

  • She will use breath work, sound, visualizations, and intuitive angel messages to raise your vibration.

  • Sessions are held monthly, and each have a specific topic.

  • Session happen online via zoom.

JULY Group Class: Spiritual Protection

Purpose: In our day, we work to maintain our energy.
We can also learn to protect our energy, so we are less likely to absorb lower
vibrations from those around us.

In this energy healing session, we will:connect with Archangel Michael, the great protector, cleanse and align our major energy centers or chakras in the body, and receive healing energy to raise our vibration, lift our mood and protect our inner peace.

Join me for a relaxing, transformative class.

Topic: Spiritual Protection in Your Day to Day

·      Learn about connecting with your Angels

·      Learn about and receive healing from Archangel Michael

·      Focus on the Third Eye energy center in the forehead

Time and Location: Saturday, July 13 at 7am PST/10am EST

·      Location - Online: 50 min zoom session

·      Recording will be available

·      Manifest MORE Members will receive access to the live session and recording as part of their membership.  


·      Encourages spiritual growth

·     Enhances emotional well being

·     Relaxation

·    Increased mental clarity

·    Compliments physical and mental healthcare

Energetic Marker: Ideal Day

Purpose: As we clear out what is not serving us, we create space for what we want to manifest.

This guided ideal meditation will help you reconnect with a big dream of yours, bringing it into focus, and placing an energetic marker there that helps you align with your big dreams and work through your day-to-day with intention.


Topic: Ideal Day Meditation

·  Reconnect with your big dreams

Time and Location: Saturday, July 20 at 7am PST/10am EST

·    Location - Online: 30 min zoom session

·    Manifest MORE Members will have access to a recording of the meditation after the session


·  Improve attention and focus

·  Emotional awareness

·  Mental calmness

·  Improved sleep


"What transpired was pretty special!"

Kimberly Roy, Strategic Pitching Professional


Join me for our Monthly Meditation Mastermind

This FREE meet up happens monthly for 30 min on zoom. We talk about our meditation practices, experiences, and a monthly topic. Click to join the next session!

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