Hi! I'm K. Margaret.

Certified Angel Reiki Master

Energy Healer + Spiritual Teacher

Author + Podcast Host

Founder and Force, Delicious EASE

Mama, Wife, Food + Wine Nerd

I help you clear denser energy, tap into your spirit support and a become manifesting queen through individual energy healing sessions and group programs.

My goal is for you (and me!) to feel you are living this life with Delicious EASE.

I've often found myself at the intersection of two things that at first glance don't seem to go together whether that's cultures, earning my degree in biotechnology, or being a channel to bring through message from the other side. I studied with the founder of Angel ReikiTM, Julie Jancius, and developed my gifts at the Angel Reiki SchoolTM.

As a master do-er (I can seriously get stuff done), I have learned that the doing is not enough. It's not the whole equation. To enjoy your life and manifest your wants, it's about the BEING and the DOING.

With my work now, I focus on the BEING. As part of the Delicious EASE community you will work with energy, connect to your own intuition and spirit, and create the atmosphere that allows for magic and ease in all that you do.


What is Energy Healing?

You are mind, body, and spirit or energy. Your essence, as is everything at its core, is energy. And to maintain and take care of yourself, you may seek out professional help for mental (counselors, therapists), physical from medical professionals, and spiritual or energy from spiritual leaders or energy healers. Energy healing is a piece of the puzzle, and does not replace help we receive from medical professionals.

I have received my three attunements and am a certified Angel Reiki Master; I work both with energy in the body and as a medium, channeling loving positive messages from the otherside.

Get results like these

Thanks so much for a beautiful session. I was super wrung out going into it and am feeling so much better and relaxed. And the validation about seeing more clearly and using my gifts was just what I needed.

-Stacie M.

Thank you for the amazing session yesterday. To be honest, I was feeling pretty stressed and exhausted after a crazy week, but after our call, I felt like a brand new person! I felt so calm and peaceful like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for everything, you're the best!

-Nina M.

I had a session with K. Margaret yesterday and it was so good!

-Kimberlyn H.


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