Hi! I'm K. Margaret


Founder and Force, Delicious EASE

Mama, Wife, Food + Wine Nerd

Also known as the.. TIME QUEEN

I help women create space for magic + ease into their day-to-day.

My goal is for you (and me!) to feel you’re living this life with delicious ease.

It's been a minute and a path to get to this point in life, and I couldn't be happier to be here. I've often found myself at the intersection of two things that at first glance don't seem to go together whether that's cultures, or when I studied biotechnology.

With Delicious EASE, I love and respect the Being and the Doing of life. And as a generator it lights me up to be the light, inspiring others to shine theirs.

Now the podcast and this dream of Delicious EASE started to manifest after I got through the extreme jolt of the pandemic a few years ago. It wasn't the first time my life did a 180, but this time was different. I was no longer willing to life like I gave up on me and my dreams. And if I'm going to do this for me, why not bring as many people along for the ride as I can? This is good stuff.

It was through this journey that I decided to commit myself to helping women revolutionize their relationship with time and become masters of their own happiness.

Life is what we experience. Our expectation of time and the quality of time spent make all the difference.


Delicious EASE Community for Women

The Delicious EASE framework is based on Einstein Time (from Gay Hendrick's book The Big Leap), which comes down to mindset and the expectations we set for ourselves, the world around us, and time specifically.

In this community for women, we focus on time, energy, and mindset.

Upgrading your relationship with time is the key to creating the magic and ease you desire.

"You have enough time to accomplish all you desire. It's your time to sparkle!" - K. Margaret

Get results like these

I did this [live workshop] yesterday and loved it! She's doing another one tomorrow. See her [K. Margaret] for details!


Thank you for being so amazing... I've been meaning to thank you. I was having a ruff morning when I got your first one [resource] a couple weeks back. The one with the affirmations. I have you to thank for helping me rewire my brain and thinking. It really helps to pick up my mood and day.


If you are looking for practical strategies on how to make your life and work with more time freedom and ease, definitely go check out Delicious EASE."



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