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Guest Appearance: Beautiful Behavior

November 16, 20231 min read

Beautiful Behavior Podcast - Episode 158

Here we are in November and for me, I am looking to stay grounded as we head into the holiday season. In today's episode I am joined by a guest, K. Margaret Solorio, who is the host and creator of the Delicious EASE podcast and a time freedom mentor.

She lives in Northern California with her husband and two kids, and helps women live and work with more time freedom and ease.

In 2020, like so many others, the pandemic flipped her life on its side. She faced some of her greatest fears and took responsibility for her happiness. It was through this journey she learned that changing her mindset and managing her relationship with time had the power to change her life. Life is what we experience. Our expectation of time and the quality of time spent make all the difference.

She has created her Sparkle Time membership for women, coaching programs, the Delicious EASE podcast and shop to support women in transforming from feeling they never have enough time for anything to knowing we have more than enough time for everything. She is also currently writing a book about transforming your default mindset.

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K. Margaret Solorio

K. Margaret is the host of the Delicious EASE podcast. She is a Time Freedom Coach, mom, wife, and food and wine nerd.

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